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Top 10 Oldest Universities in USA for all International Student in World

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Top 10 Oldest Universities in USA for all International Student in World.

Oldest Universities in USA… Education in the USA has always been prioritized by successive governments, university education inclusive.  Even though when compared to many universities in Europe especially, the universities in the USA can’t be said to be amongst the oldest universities, many of the universities on this list of oldest universities in USA are centuries old.

Top 10 Oldest Universities in USA

Top 10 Oldest Universities in USA for all International Student

Some of the universities on this list are top rated and have been in existence since the 17th century. Half of the universities on this list of top 10 oldest universities in USA are also elite schools or Ivy League universities rated for their exceptional quality and standard of education.


  • Harvard University


Founded in 1636, Harvard University became a chartered university in 1650.

Harvard University is situated in Massachusetts and was called New College at first. Over time, it was changed to Harvard College to honour the school’s first benefactor who name’s John Harvard. John Harvard who willed fifty per cent of the monetary estate he owned and 320-volume scholar’s library to the school.

Harvard University is not just the oldest university in the USA, it is always rated highly on the list of top universities in the world and for this year, the prestigious university is rated number 2 on the QS World University Rankings®. When you localize your search to life sciences and medicine, you’d realize Harvard in the number one university in that area of education.

  • The College of William and Mary

The College of William and Mary was founded in 1693.

The school is named after the British monarchs who ruled jointly as at the time the university was founded and the monarchs gave the university its royal charter. This charter made The College of William and Mary the first university to get it in the US. It is the second oldest university in the US and the oldest in the south of the US.

On recent QS World University Rankings®, it is ranked from 581 to 590 and in the top list of arts and college school. It has 3 USA presidents as its alumni, Thomas Jefferson being one of them.


  • St. John’s College


St. John’s College is a privately-owned college of liberal arts which was first established as King William’s School, and it was the free school in the then Maryland colony. The ‘free’ in this regard means to emancipation of people via education.

1784 was when it was renamed to St. John’s College with two campuses in Annapolis which is Maryland’s state capital and in Santa Fe, New Mexico’s state capital. The U.S. News & World Report listed the school in the US’ top 100 liberal arts colleges.  Most people do not realize, the St. John’s College is not owned by any religious body and it’s class sizes are small with the aim of making students get personal with the tutoring activities.


  • Yale University


Yale University was founded in 1701 and it is the 4th oldest university in the USA while being ranked number 15 for this year world over. It was established as a Collegiate School initially.

In 1718, it got its name Yale University as a tribute to Elihu Yale who was the governor of the British East India Company for gifting the school. In the same 1718, the school relocated to its permanent location in New Haven, Connecticut.

Training of ministers in theology and sacred languages was the initial goal of founding Yale University but it started adding humanities and sciences in 1777.It started award PhDs in 1861 and is ranked number 4 in World Best Universities to Study Law and number 6 to study arts and humanities.


  • University of Pennsylvania


University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1740 and became a charter in 1755. It was established by Benjamin Franklin and its undergraduate and postgraduate studies was the first of its kind in any US university. It also was amongst the first different courses with specializations in complicate fields and had a medical school, the first for a US university in 1765.

University of Pennsylvania is ranked 19th in the world and 5th for business management, for its law and management courses being famous. Its focused research drive too.


  • Moravian College


Moravian College was founded in 1742 and it is situated in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and has its original as Bethlehem Female Seminary established by 16-year-old Countess Benigna von Zinzendorf as the first US boarding school for females.

It later was known as The Moravian Female Seminary and became a charter giving baccalaureate degrees in 1863 while growing to Moravian Seminary and College for Women in 1913. About 40 years later in 1954 the school became all inc`lusive for all genders.


  • University of Delaware


University of Delaware was established as a free school in 1743 and situated in Newark with many alterations of its name and location. It was not a charter until 1833, hence it isn’t regarded as colonial college. Still University of Delaware is number 439 in the QS World University Rankings®.


  • Princeton University


Princeton University was establish in 1746 first as the College of New Jersey by New Light Presbyterians for the training of clergymen and it has rich history which are famous worldwide, especially its architecture like the Nassau Hall which was briefly for a period of 4 months the capital of the US.

Still Princeton University is number 13 in the QS World University Rankings® and number 7 for arts and humanities, while for politics and international studies it is number 3.


  • Washington and Lee University


Washington and Lee University is a privately-owned university of liberal arts situated in Lexington, Virginia with George Washington being the school’s first benefactor who gifted the university $20,000 in 1796 which was the biggest donation to a school then in the US.


  • Columbia University


Columbia University was founded in 1754 situated in New York City and it is the number 8 best World Top University for English language and literature.

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