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Top 10 Ways to Earn 50,000 Naira Monthly in Nigeria

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Top 10 Ways to Earn 50,000 Naira Monthly in Nigeria.

Ways to Earn 50,000 Naira Monthly… With the recent economic downturn in Nigeria, most firms have suffered financial losses or are unwilling to pay higher that is if they are not laying off workers and reducing the number of their work force.

10 Ways to Earn 50,000 Naira Monthly

Top 10 Ways to Earn 50,000 Naira Monthly in Nigeria

The sad thing is, even with the economic downturn inflation has almost doubled in recent years.  The price and cost of everything has increased and Nigerians have increasingly have to devise means to earn even more. Even if you earn more than 50,000 naira now, there’s need to earn even more.

Graduates are being paid less than 50,000 naira monthly and this has even increased the need to get additional source of income.  In this article I would be explaining the top 10 ways to earn 50,000 naira monthly in Nigeria.

Ways to Earn 50,000 Naira Monthly in Nigeria.

There are countless ways to earn 50,000 naira monthly in Nigeria as long as you know how to go about them. These are the top 10 of those.

1. Blogging

Blogging has employed many people and revolutionized the way the internet is viewed.  It is no surprise that a lot of people especially young persons want to go into blogging in Nigeria because it pays well. You could focus on a particular niche or category of blogging or a general type of blogging. For example, you could start a business blog which is a niche blog or start a news website which is a general blog.

2. Trading

You could buy and sell virtually anything for profit. You could trade in e-currencies such as bitcoins and ethereums, foreign currencies such as selling naira, dollars, buying and selling of items and so much more.

For example, the price of bitcoins and currencies such as naira and dollar fluctuate so you could buy when it is cheaper and sell when the price increases.

3. Website designing/ development

Many businesses are increasingly having the need to be online and maintain a presence online and a website is the most professional way to do so because it puts everything about the company all in one place.

It could also be a personal website or a church website too.

For example, most website designers create a basic website for about 60,000 naira. With enough publicity and if you satisfy your customers well enough, you could be contacted to design at least one website monthly.

Things you need to design a website.

You need a hosting plan some which you could put two or websites on and some basic hosting plan cost about 40,000 naira.

You also need to buy a domain name. Domain names ending in .com could go for 4,500 naira yearly.

There are two ways of designing a website; you could design the files on your laptop offline and upload to the server of the hosting plan or you design it online.

If you are consistent at this, you can be assured of making 50,000 and above monthly.

4. Apply for regular job

If you are a graduate, your chances of getting a job which pays at least 50,000 naira are increased. Jobs working as a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, a banker, a medical laboratory scientist, a physiotherapist and others could make you earn up to 50,000 naira monthly.

Not only as graduates. People who are very skilled earn up to 50,000 naira even without a degree. Crane operators and drivers of heavy duty vehicles earn up to 50,000 and more monthly.

Getting certification and acquiring more skills increase your chances of getting higher paying job.

5. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically a type of marketing in which you get a commission for referring customers to purchase the goods and services of your clients. Some of such affiliate marketing programmes which pay up to 50,000 naira monthly in Nigeria are:

  • Jumia affiliate programme
  • Konga affiliate programme
  • Amazon affiliate programme

6. Creative writing

I am a creative writer obviously. The opportunities to earn more than 50,000 naira as a creative writer are endless. First you have to ensure that you write articulately and are well-versed in several topics in a way.

You could work as a freelance writer writing for many people or organizations or take the option of being permanently employed by a firm. With increased quality of writing, your work would be highly valued and your corresponding renumeration would be raised to more than 50,000 naira.

7. Realty business

This business is really booming in Nigeria as the price of properties continues to increase. All you need do is connect buyers to sellers of properties and vice versa.

8. Entrepreneurship

Do you have a business idea or have learnt some skills? How about starting a business to make money from it. Even hairstyling, barbing and pastry making can earn you more than 50,000 naira monthly.

9. Graphic designing

People are increasingly open to using still visuals to pass across their messages. A graphic designer comes in handy. From creating handbills and banners and editing pictures for politicians, for religious organizations, banks, events and more the services of graphic designers are highly sorted.

You can learn graphic designing in about 2 months and start earning more than 50,000 naira monthly. You have to be very good at your job to get good reviews and referrals from people and you have to publicize your skills too.

For example, designing a handbill is about 5,000 naira which you could combine with editing pictures, creating logos and more all of which you can finish in one day.

10. Middleman

The middleman is basically an agent who connects with the consumer and the producer. His work is to retail. A middleman could basically buys in bulk and retail in smaller quantities to consumers for profit.

They are so many ways you can earn 50,000 naira in Nigeria. Just research even more but if you follow and decide to settle for the ones I have listed in this article, you would still earn money.

What’s your take on this? I urge you to use this same opportunity to share this information across to others using our Facebook, twitter or Google+share button below.

NG Team.

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