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Top 50 Things to do Before you Graduate from High School

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Top 50 Things to do Before you Graduate from High School.

Things to do Before you Graduate… High school is a once in a lifetime experience and according what most experts have stated, high school sets us on the path to the life we would live. High school is arguably the most important level of education because it mostly coincides with teenage-hood which is also the most defining period in anybody’s life.

Top 50 Things to do Before you Graduate

There are things you can only do in high school and after you graduate from high school they might seem too odd to do. There are possibly hundreds or even thousands of things to do before you graduate from high school but I have compile the top 50 of those things which are not exactly listed in rank of importance.

Things to Do before You Graduate from School.

1. Chose courses you want to study after high school in the higher institution

2. Register for the classes which would qualify you to study the course you have set your mind on.

3. Plan a trip with friends and classmates to fun places. Make sure you seek and get your parents approval first though.

4. Open up a bank account. You would need this, trust me. Remember you’d be going on a trip with friends and classmates, right?

5. Start researching on the career path you would like

6. Attend birthday parties and get-togethers. Make sure you respect the curfew set by your parents or guardians though.

7. Cook an entire dinner for your family. Surprise them!

8. Make sure all immature posts and comments are removed from your social media accounts. Restart on a new slate as you enter adulthood.

9. Visit the higher institution you hope to apply to if you can. This helps you put things in perspective and helps you mentally get prepared for what life in the university, college or polytechnic would really look like.

10. Apply for a scholarship. There’s never a time too early to apply for scholarships. You need all the financial aid you can get to help you have a successful education, right?

11. Do your laundry at a dry cleaning store. Learning this skill would help you when you become independent.

12. Get your driver’s license.

13. Learn how to maintenance vehicles you’d be driving.

14. Produce a schedule and follow it. It helps with understanding time management.  It’s basically about knowing how to properly manage your time which is important as you enter adulthood.

15. Learn how to plan a budget and stick to it so you learn how to prioritize your needs and wants.

16. Volunteer at an orphanage or during disasters for refugees. It increases your interpersonal skills and the strength of your character.

17. Learn a skill like photography, creative writing, bead making or even cloth making.

18. Work multiple jobs if you can. It helps you value money and how to make the most of your time.

19. Improve your study habits by learning to read regularly and everyday.

20. Create a personal planner and learn the way to stay track of your own appointments.

21. Write an appreciation note or letter to a teacher or guardian who has impacted your life positively.

22. Give speeches or engage in public speaking.

23. Write a goal and plan toward achieving it. Never procrastinate.

24. Fill out employment application.

25. Go out to look for work during your free time.

26. Cook a decent meal and plan a menu for a week on a fixed budget and see if you can stick to it. You’d discover how resourceful you can be.

27. Have a true or mock interview. State your weakness in a very positive way.

28. Take pictures and videos of you and your colleagues in the last year of high school for the memory archives.

29. Write an essay about life in high school. It helps you realize how well and far you have come.

30. Pay time perfecting your essay writing skills.

31. Have a couple of friends who you put in charge of ensuring you achieve your goals.

32.Plan a budget for your final year in high school.

33. Arrange your graduation party.

34. Study how drugs and alcohol abuse affect the human body. You would learn telltale signs of people under the influence of these toxic substances and how and why you should avoid abusing these substances.

35. Write a letter addressing yourself which you would ten read in ten years.

36. Learn to wake-up on your own. Learn how to use alarms and stick to it.

37. Learn the way to promote yourself to the school of your selection in events, scholarships or competitions.

38.  Take lessons in first aid treatment. Trust me, you’d be glad you did.

39. Learn to master jobs assigned to you no matter how paltry the pay is.

40. Take images of your friends and favorite places to go to. 

41. Start taking care of certain bills on your own without help no matter how small.

42.Talk with your parents, guardians or older trusted about dating.

43. Learn how to proper prepared documents and letters.

44. Research the cheapest ways to further your studies.

45.  Reorder your room to look matured.

46. Start looking out for employment opportunities daily.

47. Stay up to date on world issues.

48. Join a sports team, drama or literary class.

49. Be computer literate. This is very important.

50. Register to vote.


As stated above, there are several things to do before you graduate from high school sometimes even just for the treasured memories. Life is lived in moments as they say so we have to make the most of it.

Care should be taken to ensure everything you do is completely above board and legal. You don’t want to start out adulthood on the wrong side of the law now, do you?  Go on and live your life, have fun, meet people and don’t forget to stay safe too! See you at the top!

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NG Team.

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