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Top Ways To Managing Your Resources

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The cry of most individuals most times is that their resources are not sufficient for them to make it up the ladder of greatness. I am not surprise at this because most of us don’t know how to effectively and judiciously make use of our resources.

May I put it to you today that all you need to be successful is all around you,all you need to do is tap into them and use them very well.

Let me quickly highlight some examples of our resources :-

» Money
» Time
» Skill
» Ideas
» Personal belongings etc.

The most important of the resources listed above is “Time”. Every individuals existence is based on time. At a time you where born and vice versa. When you fail to manage your time well,there will be limit to how far you will go.

The same 24hours is allocated to all inhabitants of the world on daily basis but only those who manage theirs well get the dividends of it. At every moment ask yourself, ” how will what am doing presently contribute to my future positively? ”

Money is also one important resource that one has to manage well. You don’t eat with all your fingers if you want to have something to bounce back to at the end of the day. The savings of today can save you lot of mess tomorrow.

The prevailing fact is that you don’t go for everything you see. I am going to publish an article on “the concept NEEDS and WANTS”. There are somethings that you don’t need to purchase immediately you see them. Somethings might be important but they can wait.

Always hope to invest for a time will come when the strength to gather wealth will fade away.

You skill is also one great resource that most of us often take with levity. The gift of a man they say will make way for him.

When you don’t make use of your skill the way you should,it might probably fade off. You must know when to apply them and when not to. There is also need to improve it when needed,seek more insight.

In summary of all,there is need to always plan you self ahead,set a principle, your do’s and don’ts. When you set a guide on how to operate a particular thing and strictly adhere to it,you will end up managing it well.


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