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United States Marine Corps Recruitment for Foreigners 2022 and Entry Guide

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United States Marine Corps Recruitment for Foreigners 2020 and Entry Guide.

As the sole component within the United States Marine Corps that is mandated seize and occupy piece of land, roles at Ground Combat Element exist to win battles on the bottom by declarative combat power and dominance on the parcel. These Marines shine at conducting land-based with amphibious operations of an offensive, defensive, humanitarian, intelligence activity or security nature.

United States Marine Corps Recruitment

United States Marine Corps Recruitment for Foreigners

Ground Combat Roles

Trained within the art of land warfare, these Marines can typically be the initial forces on the scene to confront threats round the world. Featured below area unit simply a sample of the Military activity Specialties (MOS) from that noncommissioned Marines and Marine Officers opt for.

Marine Corps Boot Camps

In these proving grounds, the United States Marine Corps reveals those that have the fight in them to press on once others quit. To dig even deeper once there’s nothing left to present. To prove the fighting spirit running through them can survive the physical, mental and ethical battles ahead of them. For twelve back-breaking weeks, these battles have got to be won. These victories become the bedrock of every Marine who’s enlisted.

To earn your commission as an official of Marines is to prove your footsteps area unit price following, leading Marines to ending through each battle

Marine Corps Officers

Learning to Lead, Fight and Win

The battles moon-faced at Officer Candidates School have been deliberate made hard. It’s the way the United States Marine Corps determines what you’re made from once times area unit toughest. the load our Marine Officers carry isn’t within the packs they wear, however within the important selections they’re answerable for creating.

Explore OCS

United States Marine Corps Recruitment for Foreigners

To earn your commission as an official of Marines is to prove your footsteps area unit price following, leading Marines to ending through each battle.

Resident Alien Enlistments

Resident aliens have the leeway to enlist within the U.S. military, however officer commissions have been restricted to United States citizens. The United States Marine Corps additionally cannot forward recruiting info through international mail, even to U.S. citizens. If you are foreign and wish to become a U.S. Marine, you will need to enter the country lawfully, get resident alien standing, so visit a recruiter. The United States Marine Corps solely takes those that move on the Armed Services line of work power Battery, thus study completely before taking it.

Immigrating to the U.S.

The U.S. military is not allowed to help foreign nationals in getting entrance into the U.S. Immigration to the U.S. and ultimate naturalization as a subject is handled by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. Foreign nationals could visit the USCIS web site to start out the method of immigration to the US. Several resident aliens within the U.S. began their journey by applying for family- or employment-based immigration visas, the granting of which can be immediate or may take many years, counting on various factors.

Officer Eligibility

The path to changing into an official of Marines begins with the Officer choice Officer (OSO). Your OSO can answer queries and assist you decide that empowerment program (Ground, Aviation or Law) most closely fits you and also the desires of the Corps. Once you’ve got created the commitment to become a Marine Officer, your OSO can guide your physical coaching program and prepare you for the challenge of changing into a battle-proven leader among the Few.

Officer Commissioning Paths


If you’re one among the few picked to take part in this program as a Marine-Option Midshipman, you may have the distinct chance to pursue this noble path whereas earning a degree on a university field. Hospitable college-bound high school seniors and graduates: should complete the NROTC Program and one six-week coaching session at OCS.  Get additional information about NROTC Scholarship opportunities.


MECEP is one in all the foremost common programs noncommissioned Marines use to become Marine Officers. hospitable Marine Sergeants and higher than on active duty and within the Active Reserve (AR) program, eligible noncommissioned Marines should additionally possess a minimum of twelve faculty credits and complete one 10-week coaching session at OCS.


The United States Marine Corps encourages noncommissioned Marines to any their education and speak with their chain of command regarding the chance to face and win every battle as a Marine Officer. Hospitable active and active Reserve Marines United Nations agency area unit Lance Corporals and higher than United Nations agency have attained a Bachelor’s degree. Should complete one ten-week coaching session at OCS.


Find out however you’ll be able to fight to win within the apply of law as a Marine Officer and United States Marine Corps Judge Advocate.


  • Must be a minimum of eighteen years recent at time of application
  • Must not have reached twenty eighth birthday at time of empowerment
  • Must be a subject of the us
  • Must pass a physical examination
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree or be a regular student at a regionally or across the country authorized  faculty or university
  • Must attend and graduate from Officer Candidates faculty (OCS)


3 years active status; five years inactive

8 years active standing (Aviation)

For a lot of info regarding contract choices, contact your Officer Selection Officer.

Officer Commissioning Paths

The two most typical ways to changing into a Marine Officer ARE the Platoon Leaders category (PLC), that candidates could attend throughout summers whereas they’re in faculty, and also the Officer Candidate Course (OCC), that candidates United Nations agency have already attained a university degree attend. These ways represent the primary step to earning a commission as a Marine Officer.


The Platoon Leaders category is that the most typical path to changing into a Marine Officer.

Open to faculty freshmen and sophomores: should complete 2 six-week coaching sessions at OCS.

College Juniors: one 10-week combined PLC coaching session at OCS.


Open to faculty seniors or graduates: should complete one 10-week coaching session. Upon completion, new commissioned Marine Officers can advance to the essential faculty as Second Lieutenants.

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