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Lowe’s Interview Questions and Answers Guidelines

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Lowe’s Interview Questions and Answers Guidelines.

Lowe’s Interview Questions… The purpose of this article is to prepare you for your Lowe’s interview by providing background information about the company and giving you some basic Lowe’s interview questions.

Lowe’s Interview Questions

Lowe's Interview Questions

About the Company

Lowe’s is the most popular home improvement and appliances store in the United State. The company presently has over 1,840 locations in the United State, Australia, Canada and Mexico. Most Lowe’s stores are open for the entire days of the week from 6:00am to 10:00pm. Each of the stores employ between 100 to 150 employees that work as cahiers, managers, specialists, warehouse workers, stockers, etc. They also work on full-time and part-time basis.

Lowe’s Job Interview Tips

Applying for a job at Lowe’s is easy and after your application had been approved, the next step is the interview process. This requires you to do some research and make preparations to show that you are capable for the job. The following tips will help you with your preparation:

  1. Make research on the position you are applying for to show your interviewer that you have a better understanding of the company and the expectations and goal of the job.
  2. Practice answering some interview questions, this will help you to be more confident in yourself.
  3. Be punctual and dress appropriately for the interview.

Lowe’s Cashier Interview Questions and Answers


  • Why do you want a Job at Lowe’s?


Answer: I have passion for home improvement projects and because it is an exciting and growing company.


  • How would you sell this pen?


Answer: this pen has so many features that would make your work easier and fun. It is designed to fit in your hand comfortably and gives you a long-lasting writing function.


  • How would you handle an angry customer demanding a refund or free products?


Answer: I would explain Lowe’s’ policy for refunds on products and services to the customer. And also, that the store does not give away free products unless advertised or instructed by the management.

Lowe’s Department Manager Interview Questions and Answers


  • What recent project were you in charge of and how did you complete it?


Answer: I was recently in charge of the construction of my current employer’s outbuilding. I developed a schedule and a daily planner to ensure we had enough materials and staff to finish the project.


  • Why is it unadvisable for managers to socialize with employees outside the workplace?


Answer: Socializing outside of work could result in the employees not wanting to follow orders while on company time. They may also think that their friendship with the manager will allow them to cut corners on quality and performance.


  • How you handle an angry customer that is threatening/harassing an employee?


Answer: I would calmly avert the situation by understanding the root of the issue. I would also guide and support the employee towards providing good customer service to appease the customer.

Lowe’s Flooring Specialist Interview Questions and Answers


  • What would you do if your department ran out of a carpet dye lot before a customer’s order was filled?


Answer: I would call the manufacturer or vendor of the carpet to find out if it was still available. I would also explore the possibility of getting it from another Lowe’s store.


  • What would you do if you fell behind on a customer’s scheduled installation time, would you offer a refund?


Answer: I would first call the contractor handling the installation to find out the reason for the delay. Then with the manager’s approval, I would offer a partial or total refund of the installation cost.


  • How would you sell a new flooring product you are unfamiliar with?


Answer: I would research the new flooring product as many times as possible before offering it to the customer.

I hope this information will help in your preparation for a Lowe’s Interview.

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